Our Solution
Eight interoperable modules to start with

One-stop Overview

farmB.view module is your information gate to compiled and visualized agri-data. User can immediately get an overview of operations, production flow and crop status, teams and many more real-time or processed data. The fast, accurate and intuitive reporting for the whole system can provide salient information regardless the production, crops mix, and number of producers.

Eyes from Above

farmB.eye module is your focal point for all visual information gathered by drones using a wide array of sensors. Every single picture taken by machine-assisted surveys is presented in an organized and comprehensive structure that allows the user to explore timelines and remotely monitor growth, infestations, and other critical indicators. Users can reveal hidden layers of information by taking advantage of the wide array of sensors available.

Satellite Data Processing

farmB.sat module is your eye from space, offering satellite data at plot level. The process is fully automated, from data retrieval to processing and visualization. A step beyond single dimensional reporting of indices, farmB.sat generates user-preferable zones, paths, areas, and prescription maps to serve the field workflow

Climate Data Monitoring

farmB.clima module integrates available climatic data ranging from open meteorological data to dedicated sensors networks installed in your field. farmB.clima exploits interoperable data to propose sensor array configurations tailored to your needs.

Fleet Management​

farmB.fleet module extends the usability of the system to machinery. Natively export and import ISOXML, CSV and other file formats used by agricultural machinery allows you to monitor running or plan up-coming. Data streams from machinery, crop, soil and other sources are fused into actionable information for cultivation consultants.

Georeferenced Data Exchange

farmB.insta module enables real-time vital information sharing between on-site and off-site teams. Using the inter-connected smartphone app together with the web application, teams can communicate in media-rich formats, allowing real-time consulting based on a common perception of reality. Data is logged and registered to fields and producers, creating retrievable data from anywhere.

Soil and Crop Mapping

farmB.prox module enables you to manage critical soil and crop data. The module offers a complete set of services and applications for collecting, processing and visualizing information. Ranging from soil conductivity scans with proven in the industry sensors, to creating sampling point maps and allowing navigation (back) to the sampling points. Zones are created to assist optimal instalment of sensors in the most efficient array. Data is fully connected with all farm.B modules, thus generating valuable information for cultivation consulting services, supporting fact-based decisions.

Digital Operation Log​

farmB.log module is your back-office registry, with highly detailed information at plot level. Be it financial data, operational parameters or environmental performance, the module provides all necessary information and generates formal reports on any key performance metric. Benchmarking cultivations becomes a transparent and painless procedure.

farmB digital agriculture is now connected with the John Deere Operations Center™ through John Deere’s API services. This connection allows farmB to multiply its data analytics and decision making value by interoperably interchanging yield data, VRA prescription maps and field and machinery features with the Operations Center.