Bio-Economy and Agri-Production: Concepts and Evidence, a book Edited by farmB R&D members and IBO’s Scientists, is now published by Elsevier Academic Press. The book bridges the knowledge gap between sustainability and bio-economy aspects of agri-production. It complements traditional perspectives of agri-production with advanced engineering, information and communication technologies recently applied in agri-business. Including knowledge-based agriculture and reflecting sustainability and circular economy principles, the book presents a holistic view of sustainable bio-economy, contributing to the development of integrated agricultural systems. As technology advances, agricultural production management practices are now being called upon to address the need for sustainability in the bio-economy.

Bio-Economy and Agri-Production: Concepts and Evidence presents information to broaden the awareness and promotion of practices and technology to reduce the use of inputs, protect health and environment and improve resource-use efficiency. Topics that are addressed include circular economy in agri-business, lifecycle thinking, lean management, agri-chains, green production, and waste management. The book focuses on responsible management practices to protect the environment while producing needed resources, provides application-based experience for those in agricultural sectors seeking to integrate bioeconomic strategies, while showcases real-world insights into transitioning practices. The work is a valuable reference for professionals, consultants, and policy-making stakeholders in biosystems engineering and agricultural industries, as it explores cutting-edge concepts in the bio-economy sector as applied to topics in agri-production.

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