farmB and UPL-Ltd Hellas work together on a new joint pilot Carbon Sequestration program

farmB Digital Agriculture, in collaboration with UPL Hellas S.A. and AgroQ (Agricultural Consultants), are jointly implementing a new pilot Carbon Sequestration Program titled “The Greek Footprint,” aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of agricultural production.

By promoting the concepts of sustainability and circularity in agricultural practices, farmB expands its initiatives through targeted collaborations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to agriculture, as well as increasing carbon sequestration in crops and soil.

UPL, a global provider of sustainable agricultural solutions, has announced the launch in Europe of the Gigaton Carbon Goal, a new series of global initiatives to capture one gigaton -Gt CO2 (eq) (or one billion tones) of carbon dioxide by 2040.

As a certified Agricultural Advisory Service Provider under Measure 2 of the Rural Development Program, Agro Q leverages its expertise to provide advice to agricultural enterprises, aiding farmers in making informed decisions for the overall technical, economic, and environmental management of their farm.

The program also involves significant links in the supply chain such as Melissas Kikizas, Athenian Brewery, and the winery Ktima Pavlidis, as well as the Industrial Tomato Producers Group “Pelargos Serres.”

Sustainability ensures a fair society that operates within environmental limits and fosters a sustainable, profitable business.

We are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint and to find innovative product solutions that benefit the environment and our producers.